Our goal is to support the classic bike community in the restoration, maintenance, repair and general enjoyment of antique motorcycles.  This website is new and much remains to be done.  The plan is to start with three models; Triumph, Norton, and BSA.  Other bikes will be added once these three are complete.  We have hundreds of brochures, advertisements, repair, and parts manuals that we intend to post.  It can take over two days to scan a repair manual into a PDF file however, so some sections will grow faster than others.

There is currently no plan for the order in which items will be posted.  If you have a particular need, email us and we will try to post your request as early as possible.  All items posted are in the public domain and are intended to aid and assist in the preservation of classic machinery.

The material posted on the site is freely viewable but the print function in Adobe Acrobat is disabled.  For folks working on their bikes, the manuals remain completely viewable, and a simple print screen should allow the printing of any page needed to order parts or make a repair.  Fully functional PDF files with printing enabled may be available for a modest fee.  Questions, suggestions, and comments can be directed to ClassicBike@ClassicBike.biz .